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UPVC,CPVC industrial pipe systems, actuated valves, magnetic flow meters, UPVC, CPVC ball valves



Schedule 80 UPVC & CPVC Industrial Pipe & Fittings


We are the authourised Australian distributor for Spears Mfg®, who produce the largest range of PVC & CPVC schedule 80 valves & fittings at their four USA factories.

We have over 30 years experience supplying instrumentation and piping systems to most of the water authourities and their contractors in Australia. We have earned a reputation as a reliable supplier holding large stocks of premium product ready for immediate despatch. Our experience in the field ensures our advice & technical support is the best in the business.



Our extensive range of PVC & CPVC valves includes the industrial workhorse, the 16Bar pressure rated, double union two way ball valve. As would be expected from a premium design by a major manufacturer such as Spears®, options such as seat & seal materials, standard or lockable handles are available. Spears® innovative finite element analysis has advanced the understanding of stress in thermoplastic materials. Using this computerised technique to engineer valves & fittings Spears® have added material to high stress areas & avoided cross section changes which would act as stress raisers. Special butress threads give higher strength at elevated temperature. By designing for plastic materials rather than copying similar metal components, Spears® products gain added strength and improved performance and reliability.

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PVCU & CPVC Manual Valves


Actuated valves menu

Our range of actuated valves has the solution for every application.

Robust industrial valves for aggressive fluids in a process plant environment.

Or compact units for incorporation in analysers or similar equipment.

What ever the duty we can offer 1/4 turn electric or pneumatic actuation. Our electric actuators have a choice of operating voltage & frequency for worldwide compatibility. Our 24VDC actuators have a battery back up option to provide open/close or stay put fail safe operation. Our MC1 high torque industrial actuator has additional limit switches, providing VFC for position indication, fitted as standard. An optional analogue (4-20mA) input position card is available for control applications. 

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Our MERCON range of instrumentation offers a range of technologies so we can offer a suitable solution for every application & budget. MERCON magnetic flow meters offer a wide range of liner & electrode materials to suit most conductive fluids. A choice of remote or integral displays for convenient access regardless of the flow tube position.    Time of flight ultrasonic flow meters are available with clamp on or inline sensors. These provide economical solutions for large diameter pipes or short term performance testing. MERCON variable area flow meters or Rotameters are the economical choice for simple visual flow indication. Plastic body VAF meters are ideal for clear liquids such as cooling water flows. Metal tube VAF’s can handle high pressures & temperatures as well as opaque fluids such as oils. We have panel mount acrylic VAF’s for air & liquids as well as medical gases. MERCON pressure transducers are available for gauge, absolute & differential pressure measurements. Flange mount sealed units for tank level measurement complement the MERCON range of non contact ultrasonic level transmitters.                                                                                                                   Click on the MENU picture opposite to go to more details of our instrumentation range.

Instrumentation menu


Chemical dosing accessories menu

MERCON is the one stop shop for the chemical dosing skid builder. Conductivity & pH panel mount meters & the sensors to monitor and control the system. Pulsation dampners, gas bag & diaphragm, for vibration free pipework & smooth delivery of reagents. Static mixers provide perfect mixing, no electric power required & no moving parts to wear. Back pressure valves for anti syphon or pressure relief duties. Our air release valves enable corrosive gases to be piped back to a storage tank for safe disposal. MERCON vacuum valves protect storage tanks from collapse while preventing environmental pollution by open vented, off gassing. We can mount pressure gauges or switches to our diaphragm seals, with their PVC/PTFE construction they enable long service life from low cost gauges & transmitters.

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