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Diversity Policy



We recognise our talented and diverse workforce as a key competitive advantage. Our business success reflects the quality and skill of our people. Merriman is committed to seeking out and retaining the finest human talent to ensure top business growth and performance. Diversity management benefits individuals, teams, our company, and our customers. We recognise that each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences, and characteristics to their work. We value such diversity at all levels of the company in all that we do. We believe in treating all people with respect and dignity. We strive to create and foster a supportive and understanding environment in which all individuals realise their maximum potential within the company, regardless of their differences. We are committed to employing the best people to do the best job possible. We recognise the importance of reflecting the diversity of our customers and markets in our workforce. The diverse capabilities that reside within our talented workforce, positions us to anticipate and fulfil the needs of our diverse customers, both domestically and internationally, providing high quality products/services.

Merriman is diverse along many dimensions. Our diversity encompasses a tolerance to differences in ethnicity, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, thinking styles, experience, and education wherever and whenever we encounter them. We believe that the wide array of perspectives that results from such diversity promotes innovation and business success. Managing diversity makes us a more creative, flexible, productive and competitive organisation. 


Merriman rewards excellence, and all employees are promoted on the basis of their performance. We recognise that racism, ageism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are problems both for our organisation and society as a whole. Merriman is committed to tackling cultural stereotypes both within and outside our organisation. We have clear reporting procedures for any type of discrimination or harassment combined with follow-up procedures to prevent future incidents. 


All employees undergo diversity training. Diversity training encompasses raising awareness about issues surrounding diversity and developing diversity management skills. Merriman provides a safe and pleasant environment for our employees. We offer:

  • Flexible working time arrangements
  • Employee education assistance
  • Employee network and support groups
  • Open communications
  • Childcare assistance
  • Mentor programmes

This diversity policy is approved and authorised by: 

A. M. TYE.

Managing Director.